Services by Project IKKAKU

Beach litter analysis service using drones

ACSL Ltd. / Ridge-i Inc.

Service Vision

In order to implement the collection of litter washed ashore at the municipal level, it is essential to develop a plan for the collection method and disposal of the collected litter. To do this, it is necessary to know the type and amount of litter in advance.
This service uses a drone to take aerial photos of beaches several kilometers in length, and uses AI analysis to identify the types of trash and estimate the volume and weight of the trash. We then create a document that will serve as a base for the planning of waste collection.

Service Features

After aerial photography of several kilometers of coastal areas using a drone, AI analysis of the image data identifies 9 types of litter and provides a report estimating the amount of litter (approximate volume and weight) on the beach.

Service Overview

Aerial photography by drone

A drone is used to take aerial photographs of beaches in units of several kilometers and acquire image data of litter that has drifted ashore. Because we use long-range aircraft bodies that are capable of out-of-sight flight, we can also photograph remote islands that are inaccessible to humans.

Image analysis by AI

The collected images are analyzed by AI to estimate the type (9 types) and amount (approximate volume and weight) of litter.

Creation of reporting materials

A report is prepared that includes information that can be used as a reference for developing a specific refuse collection plan (e.g., ratio of combustible/noncombustible refuse, number of trucks required for collection, etc.).

Process and schedule

* Standard: About 3 months from the start of consultation.
* Continuous surveys over the course of a year are also possible.


Standard Plan : 4,500,000 JPY
Survey area up to 5 km /
1 implementation of drone shot



Location: 2F Hulic Kasai Rinkai Building, 3-6-4 Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Satoshi Washiya, President and COO

Business Description
●Manufacture and sale of industrial drones and provision of solution services for humanless and IoT applications using autonomous control technology.

Ridge-i Inc.

Location: Otemachi Building 438, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Takashi Yanagihara, President and Representative Director

Business Description
●Consulting and development of AI and deep learning technologies.
●Provide products through joint ventures, licensing, maintenance models, in-house development, etc.