We will create businesses that can reduce marine waste by
bringing together a technology-intensive, multidisciplinary team
("hyper-interdisciplinary team") to give birth to novel ideas.

In 2019, the Nippon Foundation, JASTO, and Leave a Nest launched Project IKKAKU,
a project to create a ripple of realization of businesses that reduce marine waste.
Over the next three years, the project promoted the development and commercialization of innovative technologies
through the collaboration of teams of very different fields, including venture companies with new technologies and unconventional ideas,
as well as academic institutions, town factories, large companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises.
In addition to R&D expenses totaling 150 million yen,
the selected teams were provided with multifaceted support for commercialization and partner acquisition.
Then, from 2022, the teams will begin in earnest to fulfill their goal of making businesses out of marine litter reduction.

Prospects for Project IKKAKU

Selected Teams

8 "hyper-interdisciplinary" teams were created from 62 entries,
from which a final 3 teams were selected!

  • TEAM01

    Establishment of a satellite/drone-based litter drift diagnostic system

    Debris Watchers
    The team aims to implement long-term and comprehensive observation of litter drift in coastal areas using satellites, drones, and fixed-point observation equipment. We will also develop a marine litter diagnostic system capable of detailed analysis to achieve efficient litter recovery and litter drift forecasting.

  • TEAM02

    Development of an autonomous decentralized waste management system

    Eco Trinity
    This team aims to develop an autonomous decentralized waste treatment system that does not require sorting. The system will combine subcritical water treatment, carbonization, and biological treatment for conversion to pellet-type fuels, or biogas through methane gas fermentation.

  • TEAM03

    Development of "memorable" products made from recycled marine plastic waste

    Material circulator
    The team involves local Okinawan people and tourists in marine litter pickup activities, and convert the collected litter into recyclable resources. Utilizing these resources, we deliver products to consumers that leave a lasting impression in their hearts.

Meet the Teams How the Teams were Formed