Services by Project IKKAKU

SDGs Learning Program through
Beach Cleanup


Service Vision

In order to fundamentally solve the marine waste problem, it is necessary to create an environment in which everyone is aware of this problem as something close to home, and in which each individual can easily take action.
Therefore, this service combines beach cleanup activities with ethical tourism to create Project Manatii, a scheme that simultaneously achieves the (1) reduction of marine litter, the (2) revitalization of local communities, and the (3) improvement of people's awareness. By providing this service as content for corporate training and school excursions, we will expand the circle of people who have a passion for solving the marine waste problem.

Service Features

Project Manatii is a system that allows people to easily participate in beach cleanup activities at any time with the cooperation of local communities around Okinawa. Incorporating this program into corporate training programs or school excursions provides a fulfilling learning experience about SDGs.

Service Overview

Connection with the community

As of March 2022, there are 80 regional partners within the 25 municipalities in Okinawa Prefecture. We will select an appropriate partner according to your request and organize a beach cleanup activity.

System for "learning" while enjoying trash pickup

By giving lectures on the environment in advance, beach cleanup activities can be more educational. Similar programs can also be arranged to be conducted in the city instead of the beach.

Applied to CSR and PR

Beach cleanup activities can also be implemented as corporate events and used as CSR and PR activities. We also support the production of original goods made from upcycled marine debris.

Process and schedule


825,000 yen

* Approximate number of participants: about 150 people total to be held in 10 locations. Maximum of 15 locations with a total of about 225 people.
* We can also consult with you on the creation of original goods using recycled waste plastic products such as marine litter.



Location: 1-21-61-202 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan
Representative: Yukino Kinjo

Business Description
●Beach clean-up activities as a tourism and environmental activity.