Meet the Teams


System development for analysis of waste drift using satellites and drones

[Team name]

Debris Watchers

  • [Leader]

    Amanogi, Corp.:
    Yu Kudo

  • [Sub-leader]

    Nagasaki University :
    Ikuo Yamamoto


Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory Ltd. (ACSL) :
Shosuke Inoue

Ridge-i Inc. : Keiichi Yokoyama

University of the Ryukyus : Kang Dongshik

DroneCreate Co., Ltd. : Toru Matsumoto

Know Inc. : Yasuyuki Fukatsu

Drone Fund : Kotaro Chiba


Global monitoring system for ocean debris of coastal area using data taken by satellites and drones

The Information of distribution and types of ocean debris are important for plaanning and designing cleanup strategies as well as cleanup robots. This team will develop an global monitoring system capable of long term and comprehensive measurement and detailed analysis using satellites, drones, and fixed-point measurement devices. The team aims the super-efficient coastal cleanup with the prediction of the arrival of that waste on coastlines, on a global scale.


Development of autonomous and decentralized waste treatment system

[Team name]

Decentralized Energy

  • [Leader]

    Sustainable Energy Inc. (Susene):
    Masahiro Mitsuyama

  • [Sub-leader]

    Novelgen Co., Ltd. :
    Atsushi Ogura


Retech Flow : Izuru Senaha

Monju : Hayami Shimada

Humanome Lab, Inc. : Jun Sese


Development of an autonomous distributed waste
treatment system

This team will develop autonomous and decentralized waste treatment system that does not require waste sorting. As the first step, the team will test a mobile system that combines subcritical water treatment and carbonization treatment. In the second step, they demonstrate the elimination of residual microplastics via biological treatment. The processed material will be formed into pellets for use as fuel, or used to generate methane gas through fermentation for use in biomass power generation to produce electricity.


Development of emotionally-connecting products using recycled plastic ocean debris

[Team name]

Material circulator

  • [Leader]

    GLE LLC. :
    Yukino Kinjo

  • [Sub-leader]

    TBM Co., Ltd. :
    Takuya Sugiyama


Pirika Inc. : Fujio Kojima

GLE LLC : Yukino Kinjo

Tokyo University of Science : Takashi Ikuno

Shiori Asanuma

Manabu Design Inc. : Manabu Takahashi


Development of memorable products
using recycled plastic ocean waste

Led by GLE, this team will engage both Okinawa residents and tourists to participate in activities associated with ocean debris clearance from the beaches and transform it into a recyclable resource. The debris will be transformed into emotionally-connecting products with stories behind them for consumers. For example, A dust cleaner made from recycled ocean plastics that will make your home sparkle.