Services by Project IKKAKU

Oyster Pipe Waste and Artificial Turf Waste
Collection and Recycling Service

Pirika, Inc.

Service Vision

Marine debris, which is generated in large quantities every day, is a major problem. On the other hand, if stable collection and upcycling are possible, the waste can be reconsidered as a new resource. This service focuses on (1) oyster pipes, which drift and accumulate in large quantities in the Seto Inland Sea, and (2) artificial turf, which is estimated to spill 25 tons per year into the ocean due to abrasion. By developing and building a supply chain for the collection, recycling, and commercialization of waste that is feared to be discharged within the area where the waste is generated, we will establish a revival process where marine debris is used as a product.

Service Features

Oyster pipe waste and artificial turf waste are collected and recycled as pellets through a process of crushing and sorting. They are converted to transportation baskets, triangular cones, and other products that can be utilized in places where the waste is actually generated.

Service Overview

Collection of waste of concern from spills

An estimated 16 million oyster pipes that has drifted and accumulated in the Seto Inland Sea. Artificial turf, estimated to spill 25 tons per year into the ocean due to abrasion. We will collect these refuse of concern for runoff with the cooperation of all concerned parties.

Recycled pelletizing

Under the supervision of Associate Professor Takashi Ikuno of Tokyo University of Science, the collected oyster pipe and artificial turf refuse will be analyzed, sorted, cleaned, and finally converted to recycled pellets.

Upcycled products

In cooperation with plastic manufacturers, upcycled products such as plastic baskets and triangular cones containing recycled pellets will be manufactured.

Process and schedule


Planning, collection, and production : 3 million yen〜


Pirika, Inc.

Location: 2-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative: Fujio Kojima, President

Business Description
●Development and operation of Pirika, a social networking service for trash pickup.
●Surveys regarding litter.
●Surveys and research to solve environmental problems.