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Microplastic Removal Water
Purification System Using Microalgae

Novelgen Co.,Ltd.

Service Vision

Microplastics, which are 5 mm or smaller pieces of large plastic debris that have been broken down, adsorb and concentrate toxic substances such as heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the ocean, and are feared to have a negative impact on the ecosystem.
This service enables land-based aquaculture of fish and shellfish with microplastic-free water using a new microalgae-based microplastic removal water purification system, contributing to the production of safe, secure, and high-value-added marine products.

Service Features

Microplastics are collected from the water using microalgae with characteristics such as those with the ability to secrete adhesive substances, and the purified water is used for aquaculture.

Service Overview

Adsorption by Microalgae

We have developed an innovative technology using microalgae (that secrete adhesive substances and entangle microscopic substances due to their thread-like shape) which are suitable for adsorption of microplastics.

Various Water Purification Methods

In addition to adsorption of microplastics, the system simultaneously purifies water by removing organic phosphorus and nitrogen in the form of ammonia and nitrates as microalgae grow and proliferate.

Realization of highvalue-added land-based aquaculture

Microplastic-free water enables aquaculture of high-value aquatic products. The cost is the same as the old septic tanks, and there are also advantages such as easier maintenance.

Process and schedule


Septic Tank for 1-ton aquarium : 4,500,000 JPY


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