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Converting marine debris into alternative fuels
Autonomous decentralized energy systems

Sustainable Energy Inc.

Service Vision

At the root of the marine litter problem is the difficulty that there is "no economic incentive" to solve it. In order to realize the concept of creating energy from marine debris, this service has focused on subcritical water treatment equipment that can treat general waste such as household garbage with little or no sorting work due to the strong hydrolytic resolution power of high-temperature, high-pressure water. We aim to develop a compact and mobile device and build a new circular model to produce alternative fuel to coal from the products of this treatment, thereby realizing a world where marine litter recovery is economically feasible.

Service Features

Small subcritical water treatment unit and coal substitute fuel that can be produced from the treated product

By installing a compact and mobile subcritical water treatment system at the site where marine debris is generated, an autonomous decentralized "energy generation from marine debris" system will be constructed.

Service Overview

Installation of subcritical water treatment facilities

A 100 L boiler-less subcritical water treatment facility (including pre-process crushing and mixing equipment) will be installed, which can be mounted on a 20-foot container or converted to a 10-ton truck.

Waste treatment by subcritical water treatment system

The powerful hydrolytic resolution power of subcritical water produces material sources of energy with uniform properties that have little need for separation of materials to be processed.

Fuel pellet production

Coal substitute fuel is produced from the treated material produced by subcritical water treatment. It can also be utilized as a raw material for methane fermentation.

Process and schedule


Reference price : 30 million yen〜


Sustainable Energy Inc.

Location: 3-10-11, Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, Japan
Representative: Masahiro Mitsuyama, CEO

Business Description
●Design, construction and monitoring of facilities for power generation and fuel conversion from renewable energy sources, etc.
●Production and sale of fuels, heat energy products, and fertilizers using biomass resources.